Young artists on their work:
working for their pennies like everyone else?


Sunday 11 December at 15h, art journalist Hilde Van Canneyt sits around the table with 3 artists at Galerie Papillon: Manon De Craene, Frederik Rombach and Roel Stels. Admission is free, coffee tea or mulled wine and cake too, registration is required.

This panel discussion (in dutch) takes place at the PARADISE LOST exhibition with works by Victor Kastelic, Paul Zhen, Manon De Craene, Patrick Montagnac, Roel Stels and Frederik Rombach – every Friday to Sunday from 2-6pm, until 24 December.

Photo Hilde Van Canneyt: © Dirk Vermeirre

980 pages with 4321 questions to 123 artists from Belgium and the Netherlands, Hilde Van Canneyt’s indispensable reference work, on sale for only 35€.