Sofie Baert and Bart Ramakers have pleasure in inviting you to the
festive finissage of the exhibition PASSAGES
Saturday 29 October from 6 to 9 p.m.

with a seafood buffet and exquisite drinks

in the presence of the artists

  • Cecilia Paredes (USA),
  • Victor Kastelic (IT),
  • Clément Jacques-Vossen (B) and
  • Frédéric Fontenoy (F).

The number of entries is limited to 40,
participation in expenses is 39 euros per person.

Please inscribe by sending a message to

You’ll meet the artists in person, admire their work and have a sneak preview of Victor Kastelic’s paintings for the next exhibition.

Hubert Rubbens, organiser of Ostend for Anchor, will on this occasion take us on a fascinating journey through maritime and art from “Jesus calms the storm” by James Ensor to the latest adventures of the Amandine and the Mercator ships.

Above: Cecilia Paredes, Clorinda.
Middle: James Ensor, Jesus calms the storm.
Below: Clément Jacques-Vossen, Ensor est un Fou.