Gallery P. invites you to the festive opening of the exhibition La Vérité en Peinture, featuring still lifes by Jos Verdegem, on Saturday, February 3rd at 3 p.m. On the occasion of Gallery P.’s first exhibition at Oosthelling 10, Alderman of Leisure Bart Plasschaert will give an introductory speech, and art philosopher Willem Elias will present his new book Jos Verdegem (1897-1957) to the public (book presentation in collaboration with bookstore De Witte Zee).

Discover how Jos Verdegem continues to innovate the art of still life during Ensor’s lifetime, initially with a fauvist palette, and later with a completely unique style. This exhibition can be perfectly combined with a visit to Rose, Rose, Rose à mes yeux at MuZEE, dedicated to still life in Belgium from 1830 to 1930.

Verdegem pays as much attention to the environment as to the objects themselves. Together, they form a group, a dialogue. There is no one thing that takes precedence. As a result, his still lifes can be seen as a means to explore the abstract. They remain separate figures, but allowing the gaze to glide and perceiving the whole as a lyrical play of colors becomes sensory easy for the viewer. (…) In the vicinity of the fruit bowls, you may occasionally find a carnival mask, a nod to James Ensor?
Willem Elias, in Jos Verdegem (1897-1957), 191 p., Publisher: Artha, 2024.

During the Ensor Year 2024, the galleries of are programming a series of exhibitions under the name InfluENSORed, in which modern and contemporary artists engage in dialogue with the great master from Ostend. La Vérité en Peinture, featuring still lifes by Jos Verdegem, is the first exhibition organized by Galerie P. as part of this initiative. This project is part of Ensor 2024, the diverse city festival with numerous exhibitions and groundbreaking events in honor of the 75th anniversary of the death of artist James Ensor.

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